Payment Methods:

We accept cash, money orders and or debit/credit cards as methods of payment. 

You may secure a spot in one of our classes, 12 Hr. DWI Education, 15 Hr. DOEP Course or 8 Hr. Theft/Shoplifting Education Course by paying the Course Fee. 

For DWI Intervention Course a Down Payment of $100 must be paid to secure your spot. 

Please use the button to our online store below for payment or set an appointment to come into our office in person to register and pay the course fee or down payment. 

DWI Classes, DWI Intervention Classes Drug/DOEP Classes Theft/Shoplifting Classes Austin TX

Impact Education Center

Alcohol & Drug Offender Education in Austin, TX

State of Texas, NCTI Certified & Adult Probation Approved Provider:

12 Hr. DWI Classes Austin, TX

32 Hr. DWI Intervention Classes Austin, TX

15hr. Hr. Drug / DOEP Classes Austin, TX

8 Hr. Theft/Shoplifting Classes Austin, TX