DWI Intervention Program


32 Hr. DWI Intervention Classes Austin, TX

 DWI Intervention Class Policies:​ 

***Students must complete class registration prior to the first evening of class. Students must bring a copy of their Conditions of Probation (if appropriate) or their attorney’s name and fax number and Cause Number (Required of all students).
***Students must remain abstinent from the use of alcohol and other mind altering drugs through duration of program. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in unsatisfactory discharge from program.
***Two absences are allowed, however the absence MUST be made up prior to the next class module. Make up sessions cost $40 and payment is due at the time of the make up.
***Students are required by the curriculum to bring a family member or significant other to the two family week sessions as noted on the class schedule.
***Beverages and snacks are permitted during class sessions. Smoking or use of any tobacco products are not permitted in the building.
***All cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off or silenced during class.
***The course fee is $250 payable in cash or money order. A $100 down payment is due at the time of registration (Down Payment is non-refundable). The remaining balance is payable in two separate installments as per the signed Financial Agreement form.
***Participation in classroom discussions is expected as well as completion of workbook assignments. The program workbook will be distributed the first night of class and must be brought to all class sessions and interviews.
***All students must complete a discharge action plan in accordance with the curriculum.

State Approved 32 Hour DWI Intervention Program Overview:

​***Impact Education Center in Austin, TX is a State of Texas Approved Provider of the state's mandated Driving While Intoxicated Intervention Course for repeat offenders.

***This program is 32 hours in length and is designed for repeat DWI offenders and/or others who have alcohol/drug related problems for which the DWI Education Program was not designed to address. The program purpose is to intervene in the alcohol/drug abusing lifestyles of the individual in order to encourage entry into treatment where indicated as well as to prevent further substance abuse related problems. 

***The curriculum contains information on the following topics: lifestyle issues, values, self-esteem, positive thinking vs. irrational beliefs, responsibility, physiological/psychological effects of drugs, alcoholism, chemical dependency, how drug abuse effects family members, co-dependency, Al-Anon, treatment options, l2-Step Self-Help Groups, peer pressure, relapse prevention, problem solving and action planning. ​

 Please see our class schedule and feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

Thank You,
 I.E.C. Staff